Our Services

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Experience Strategy

The foundation for faster, more successful and innovative experiences.

Experience Strategy forms a clear through-line between a brand’s business strategy and retail experience. The experience brief establishes clear, measurable objectives and identifies key constraints to ensure more successful outcomes.

  • Customer Journey Map
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Retail Experience Brief

Audience Insights & Analytics

Collecting, understanding and actioning to improve performance.

Audience  insights  are core to  crafting experiences  that  produce  results.  Our approaches  utilize  a complement  of qualitative  and  quantitative  tools  which  can be applied  to support   performance management,  innovation  in consumer experience  and  continuous  overall improvement.

  • Audience engagement assessment
  • Psychographic profiles
  • Cultural analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Demographic and traffic analysis 

Digital Experience

Personalizing, extending and integrating seamless service

The  focus of our practice  is digital   interactions   that   create   seamless  service  across the customer journey.  Through a data-informed, test-and-iterate  approach aimed at the human and the personal, we develop unique interactions across key touch-points of each customer's  journey.

  • Digital user experience assessment
  • Product brief
  • Rapid prototype and user testing
  • Beta through GA product delivery

Retail Platform Innovation

Developing, scaling and realizing advanced retail concepts

Practical applications of innovative ideas hold the potential to achieve  extraordinary results.  Our holistic approach manages the platform's life-cycle from  initial concept through ongoing operations, whether building a single custom  activation or a complete program at scale.

  • Concept prototype and test
  • Location strategy and acquisition
  • Design and construction
  • Program roll out
  • Operations support 

Service & Operations

Mastering and sustaining unique service models

Retail  staff  are critical in shaping  and delivering  the  brand  promise.  Customers are more  knowledgeable  and  their expectations  of service  are increasing. Great  service  in the  experience  age requires  new  approaches,  tools  and techniques  from recruiting  to continuous improvement.

  • Service experience design
  • Brand-based recruiting
  • Staff training
  • Performance management
  • Culture-marketing programs