Experience is the sum total of interactions —and the impressions they leave on the customer. Interactions are shaped by physical environment, people, devices and content. Counter Measure’s strength is understanding these holistic elements, define them for the brand, then bring compelling and appropriate experiences to life.


Creating a compelling, unique and productive experience for your audience isn’t easy. It begins with an in-depth understanding of the people you serve, your brand’s objectives, and determining what  makes meaningful and accretive connections between them. At Counter Measure we know that a high-performing solution begins with  a well-defined problem (or challenge). 


Crafting the experience is the fun part. Counter Measure is at its most successful when the design process is human-centered and iterative. Counter Measure has applied this structured approach in a variety of ways —all with the objective of delivering a higher rate of success.


A successful prototype or pilot program may be necessary but it is not sufficient for success. Realization is where the proverbial rubber meets the road to develop, deploy, scale, sustain, measure and improve experiences in daily operations. Counter Measure works with an “operator’s” mind set and capabilities to see experiences meet their full potential.