Will Haselden

Partner, Data & Analytics

Will leads  Counter  Measure  in the field  of structured  innovation,  insights and  data analysis. With a preoccupation  for  great storytelling, Will is a strong proponent  for  the convergence  of  data science and design  thinking. At the core  of this captivation  is an obsession  with the human  side of  his discipline, and  the knowledge  that empathy is a key driver  of  engagement.  With engagement  comes the opportunity  to influence,  and  with influence  the opportunity  to shape behavior.  Most importantly, influence  comes with the ethical responsibility to endeavor  to do good.

Before  founding  Counter  Measure,  Will led Global  Retail  Insights and  Analytics at Sonos. He  has been  on the brand  side of  the retail space for  17 years, and  has led retail  process, personnel  and  strategy projects all over  the world.