Whitney Walker

Managing Partner,  Experience Strategy

Whitney’s professional philosophy is rooted in the idea that brands are belief systems shared among brand stewards and the audience they serve.  Furthermore,  that understanding  the terrain  of  these shared  beliefs  and  reflecting,  amplifying  and evolving  the stories that underpin  them is fertile  ground  for  improving  business performance.

Early in his professional  life, Whitney was an apparel  product  designer  and retail  merchandiser  at Gap. His strong curiosity for understanding customer  sentiment and  segmenting  merchandise  offerings  according  to customer preferences  contributed  to a series of winning merchandise programs during the Gap brand’s heydey. His career has continued to evolve  around his unquenchable  thirstfor applying  knowledge  and  insight to delight  customers and  drive  brand  performance.

Over  time, he has served  in roles developing  strategy and designing  retail experiences  in both  digital and  bricks and  mortar environs  for  a variety of brands, including Pacific Sunwear, Lands’ End and IBM. Prior to founding Counter Measure, Whitney served as the Global  GM of Retail  for  Sonos.