Jeremy Wessely

Principal,  Digital Experience

Jeremy began his career designing for analog systems to enhance retail performance in the media and entertainment category. A self described gadget freak, he shifted to designing & developing interactive user experiences for consumer products, and digital applications as technology has evolved.  An open and adaptive collaborator and leader, Jeremy has designed products and managed teams to significant achievements.

With a broad knowledge of design thinking and human-centered methodologies, Jeremy’s passion is creating high impact digital experiences. He is a product  innovator  with end-to-end  interaction  design knowledge  and  the technical acumen  to weave  media, iot, and  digital touch points into high impact experiences  for  in-store, mobile  and  web  applications.

Jeremy  has worked  with major  brands:  Disney, Mattel, Vimeo, Gap, and Chick-fil-a among  others. Prior  to founding  Counter  Measure, Jeremy was the Global  Leader  for  Digital Retail  Experience  at Sonos where  spearheaded  the creation  of  the digital elements  of the Sonos Listening  Room, and  the interactive  experience  in mass retail.