Chad Lundeen

Partner, Physical Platform Innovation

Chad’s core passion is realizing innovative  ideas in the form of epic experiences. He believes  great ideas without action are wasted  effort. Driven  by a constant need  to achieve,  Chad  works  to transform  bold  ideas into productive  assets with  practical approaches  and plans. Chad has worked in a variety of roles in architecture, real estate development  and program management. He’s designed and developed individual commercial  properties  ranging  from  500 to 700,000  square  feet,  with more  than 3.5 million  total square  feet in operation.

By nature,  Chad  works  to streamline  work  process and  enhance  collaboration  across multidisciplinary  teams. His innovative  and holistic program  management  approach  has significantly improved  project cycle times and created  seamless transitions from  prototype  to construction, construction to commissioning and  commissioning  to operations.

Prior  to founding  Counter  Measure,  as Global  Retail  Platform  and  Innovation  Leader  for  Sonos, Chad  established strategies and operational protocols to drive  the Sonos brand  presence  in the US, Europe  and Asia to scale, producing  consistent, predictable  results.