Our mission is to craft experiences that serve a new generation of customers who value culturally enriching interactions.

Over the last two years, more than 700 retail companies filed for bankruptcy, yet 90% of sales still occur in bricks and mortar locations.

In much the same way technology has disrupted commerce, new ideas are changing culture.

The world is changing. What people want is changing. How consumers shop and live is changing.

Today, success in retail requires brands to create and sustain captivating experiences.


Experience is the sum total of interactions — and the impressions they leave on the customer. Interactions are shaped by physical environment, people, devices and content. Counter Measure’s strength is understanding these holistic elements, define them for the brand, then bring compelling and appropriate experiences to life.

Our Work

We developed three core retail experiences for Sonos; Brand Store, Shop-in-shop and Mass Retail.

About Us

We support our clients from the strategic brief through concept, design, build, staffing and ongoing operations. Our flexible model is designed to fit our clients needs and blend with their existing capabilities and business partners.

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